The Ranbuild nine point guarantee.

(1) Guarantee of Security.
Ranbuild is a specialist steel shed supplier to the industrial, agricultural and domestic markets with annual sales exceeding 100 million dollars. Ranbuild is wholy owned by Lysaght Building Solutions Pty, Ltd., a subsidiary of BlueScope Steel Limited, one of the world's largest steel manufacturers. Ranbuild is financially solid and a leader in design and manufacture giving you peace of mind and excellent security.

(2) Plain English Contract.
The Ranbuild Order and Quotation forms are simple, and clearly set out the description of your shed and the options included. The trading terms and conditions are printed in plain English for easy reading and understanding. A computer generated drawing of your shed may be requested at time of quotation for no extra charge. You know exactly what you are being offered and how much it will cost. There are no hidden extras.

(3) Quality Assurance.
All facets of your shed's Engineering, Scheduling and Manufacture are processed for accuracy and quality from start to finish. Only qualified and registered engineers design Ranbuild buildings. Every Ranbuild shed meet the requirements of the Standards of Australia.

(4) Structural Warranty.
Ranbuild sheds are constructed from the finest grade Australian steel products for added strength, long life and durability. The use of BlueScope Steel cladding and framing components assures you easy local access to replacement parts from over 1000 distributors throughout Australia. BlueScope Steel also offer a conditional written warranty of up to 15 years.

(5) Leading Edge Technology.
Ranbuild have a desire to be the leaders in their field, continually researching and developing new products and designs. Ranbuild employ only the latest in materials and computer design equipment. The Ranbuild Design Software is the most advanced pre engineered building pricing, quoting and processing system in the world. Buildings are automatically scheduled, manufactured and prepared for delivery by electronic means for efficiency and cost savings.

(6) Quality in manufacture.
All Ranbuild sheds use galvanised (zinc coated) steel components for durability and low maintenance. Framing sections are factory cut and punched on computer controlled machinery for accuracy and ease of assembly. Miscellaneous components are packed into sealed containers for inclusion in the building as it is prepared for delivery. Galvanised steel may last many times longer than painted steel.

(7) Value for money.
Ranbuild offers more shed for your dollar. There are no high cost hand made or painted components in standard Ranbuild buildings. Only the latest materials and high-speed production methods are used in the manufacturing process. Ranbuild's bulk buying power is passed on to you by supplying quality products at the lowest possible price.

(8) Experience and Security.
Ranbuild's history began with the manufacturing of steel buildings in 1949 and have since developed a range to suit a wide variety of applications. With around half a million buildings supplied world wide, Ranbuild know how to get it right the first time. You cannot put a price on experience.

(9) Local Support and Service.
Ranbuild sheds are distributed by local people who know the local conditions and requirements. Your Ranbuild distributor is part of the community and is personally available for help or assistance. He always available to provide advice, replacement parts, modifications or extensions.

RANBUILD. Better Sheds. Bigger Choice.

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