Garden Sheds and Garages

Garden Shed

Made from garage components, Ranbuild garden sheds are strong enough to carry steel or aluminium doors, windows and shelving. They don't fall over or blow away.

No one makes a bigger, stronger range of sheds and garages. We invite you to come in and see them for yourself.


Garage frame

The Deluxe range of garages feature large, fully bolted, pre-formed knee and apex plates. They also have a unique fascia allowing for higher pitch roofs and easy lining.

Single Garage

Galvanised steel frame garages with one roller door. Sizes available to suit most modern cars, utes or vans plus the option of extra storage space at the side or end of the building.

Ranbuild Garages

Two models, two cladding profiles, two cladding thicknesses and four roof pitches from which to choose. Every one comes complete including a fully illustrated book of assembly instructions.


Double Garage

Big enough for two doors side-by-side on one or both ends. The steel framed personnel access door and aluminium framed window may be located almost anywhere around the building.

Garage Workshop

The best of both worlds. Plenty of space for a car and a boat, or two cars plus a full size work area with its own access door and window. Add extra windows or skylights where needed.
Variations and Options

Variations include locating the roller doors in the side or end walls, corrugated or square ribbed cladding, and a roof pitch to closely match your house.

Optional extras include skylights, access doors and windows. You also have the choice of an awning on one or both sides, insulation and ventilation.

You can specify long-lasting Zincalume® roof or wall cladding or choose one of the twenty standard Colorbond® colours.

Tripple Garage

If you have lots of stuff, boats or vehicles that need secure storage then ask about our multiple bay garages. We can make them almost any length you want.

Garage Lining

Internal view of a lined Ranbuild Deluxe garage. In this building, Colorbond® steel cladding was fastened directly to the garage sub frame without the need for additional components.

Converting a Ranbuild Deluxe garage into a weekender, office, games room or spare accommodation is fairly straight forward.

The unique design of the Deluxe series makes it easy to add internal lining. Standard windows and doors can be fitted between columns as required, and internal partition walls added for privacy.

Lined Garage

In hot or cold climates, two layers of foil insulation, one under the inner and one under the outer sheets of cladding will help keep the building comfortable all year round.
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