Frequently Asked Questions

Will your sheds match my existing buildings?
With several roof pitches to choose from, we can often match the roof style to suit the other sheds. We also have the option of two different cladding profiles available in a wide range of colours.

Will it fit my equipment?
Our buildings are based on a modular design and the exclusive software we use allows us to adjust spans, heights and bays sizes to suit our customer's requirements. We can usually get within a few millimeters of your exact needs.

What does the kit price include?
All materials necessary to complete your building (excluding your concrete). Kits are factory packed and sealed then delivered on specially fitted trucks to site. Standard kits contain:
Galvanised steel framing, roof and wall sheeting, and flashings
Full size guttering with brackets, sealant and down pipes
Hi Tensile, zinc plated bolts, nuts, screws, rivets, and cleats
Certified engineering plans and specifications
Comprehensive illustrated assembly manual

Are there any extra costs?
All items listed in the quotation are included in the price. Delivery is included if requested prior to preparation of the quotation. Assembly is an option and can be included if requested prior to preparation of the quotation.

Items such as site work, excavation and concrete are usually extra if not specifically stated as being included. They may also be provided under a separate contract.

What does it cost for delivery?
With over 20 manufacturing centres Australia wide, we can deliver to most locations at economical rates. Some remote areas may be more economically serviced with your own local carrier. Either way, you have the option of picking your building up from the factory or having it delivered.

How long does it take to have a building delivered?
Garages and small sheds take up to 21 working days after ordering and paying for the kit. Larger buildings usually take longer depending on their size and complexity.

Are your buildings easy to build?
Many of our clients erect their own garage and farm shed kits. If you are handy (or know someone who is) together with our comprehensive instructions, you should not have any difficulty in erecting your building.

What if I don't want to build it myself?
We are registered and licensed builders with experienced erection teams on call. These teams are trained in the erection of our buildings and have all the equipment required to complete the job. We do not just give you a list of names of so called erectors and leave you to sort it out.

How long will the building last?
All our buildings are designed by external consulting engineers to meet the current Australian building standards. All frame members and cladding are manufactured from the range of roll-formed products produced by BlueScope Steel, and carry a warranty of up to 15 years (conditions apply).

How do I order a building?
Simply request a quotation and we will prepare the paperwork for you. This will provide you with the details including total price and deposit required.

What if I need to obtain Council approval before I can build?
You can still place your order with a nominal deposit of 10% of the purchase price allowing us to:
1. Release the Engineering Plans and Specifications for you to submit to Council for approval.
2. Provisionally place your building into our production schedule.
When you notify us that approval has been obtained, production of the building will commence after a final production payment is made.  If you have ordered your building "Subject to Council Approval" and your local authority does not approve your structure, we will refund your deposit upon receiving the written confirmation.

How do I pay a deposit?
We provide you with a tax invoice allowing you to pay by cash, cheque or direct deposit.

What type of vehicle access doors can I have?
On garages we give you the option of the three top brands of roller doors on the market. You can specify the colour, whether they are keyed alike or electrically operated.
On larger commercial, industrial or farm buildings we offer the choice of horizontal external sliding doors or large size vertical rolling doors.

Is any maintenance required?
ZINCALUME® and COLORBOND® high tensile steel has been specially developed to withstand Australia's harsh climatic conditions with minimal maintenance.
Regular washing with water will enhance the life of your building and also maintain its appearance and protect your asset.
Areas such as wall cladding under eaves, garage doors and the under sides of gutters should be hosed down at least every six months or more frequently in coastal areas. A maintenance guide is included with the erection instructions.

Do you offer finance?
No, we are a shed supply company and deal in cash. We leave it up to banks and finance companies to arrange loans, manage repayments and calculate interest rates.

What wind rating is the building designed for?
We can supply buildings designed for any region in Australia including cyclonic and sub alpine areas. The design criteria will be clearly shown on the quotation form.

Can I have a building design to my specifications?
We specialise in customised solutions to suit your requirements. Ranbuild have over 100,000 different combinations of spans, structure types and specifications.

Are your buildings designed for concrete footings or a slab?
We have three ways of fastening down our standard buildings. Each way can be used with footings or a slab, or both.
1. Cast-in U straps – used for Barns and the domestic garage range.
2. Threaded and cranked bolts – used for large buildings.
3. Column embedded in concrete – mostly used on free-standing carports.
We do not use chemical anchors (chemset) or expanding bolts on on main-frame columns. They are only suitable for non-structural items such as door post anchors, etc.

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