Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Commercial shed 5

Low overhead, low maintenance, low cost business system. A perfect example of a Ranbuild shed being used as the sole premises for this business.

Commercial Buildings

Now you don't have to pay top dollar for a custom made shed. Dural Sheds and Garages use the Ranbuild building system.

The versatile system allows us to provide custom buildings based on a tried and tested design. It also means the components can be mass produced to reduce costs and improve accuracy.

Commercial shed 7

A Ranbuild Covermaster fully lined and fitted out as a showroom and office. We can provide retail premises to almost any level of completion.

Commercial shed 6

A Covermaster building constructed for a small fabricating workshop. The high and wide roller doors allow access for the largest loads and the clear-span design maximises floor space.


Commercial Shed 12

Another Covermaster building insulated and lined, with large sliding glass doors at the end and sides. This one is used as a meeting and education area.

Commercial shed 2

Wide span building under construction that will be used for processing materials in a Sydney industrial estate.

Industrial Buildings

Dural Sheds and Garages are specialists in supplying and erecting all sorts of commercial and light industrial sheds.

The range includes clear-span gable and multi span models with a variety of cladding, access and natural lighting or ventilation options.

Commercial shed 8

A Ranbuild Covermaster building with a covered loading area used as a packing and grading shed for agricultural produce.

Commercial shed

The Ranbuild modular system using high tensile cold formed galvanised steel C sections for main frame and sub frame components guarantees fast and economical site assembly.

We build sheds for the retail, wholesale, mining and manufacturing industries. There are sheds for trucks, busses, machinery, aircraft and trains.

We have the experience, capacity and know-how to provide the best value for money solutions when it comes to commercial and industrial buildings.

Commercial Shed 3

A complex mining site machinery maintenance building is just another kit for Ranbuild. It is a good exampole of the versatility of the Covermaster building system.

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