Aircraft Hangars


Modern aircraft need high and wide openings. "Outriggers" allow the sliding doors to open past the edges of the building so all internal space can be used.

Aircraft Hangars

Ranbuild make more aircraft hangars than anyone. At Dural Sheds and Garages, we supply and erect them at airports and private strips.


All our hangars are made from bolted back to back, high tensile steel C section main frames and single C section sub frame (purlins and girts).


Ranbuild's unique "wind lock" sliding door system makes it easy to open even the largest doors. Add personell doors and windows or a annexe or two for extra storage or office space.

Aircraft Hangar 05

This customer wanted natural lighting without excessive heat generated by skylights in his aircraft overhaul workshop.

This allows us to provide a wide range of spans, wall heights and bay widths to suit all wind load conditions using standard mass produced components.


Aircraft Hangar 4

We achieved even distribution of light throughout the building while maintaining temperature and condensation control.


Special requirements or sizes are usually no problem. This customer's original hangar is dwarfed by the new one.

Private, rural or commercial plane, glider or chopper, we can fit a Ranbuild hangar on your space.

We also make multiple hangars for hire companies and aero clubs.

And like all our buildings you can choose any colour combination from the BlueScope COLORBOND® steel cladding range.


Hail, rain or shine, these airplanes are well protected and secure in their Ranbuild aircraft hangar.
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