Barns and Lodges

American Barn 1

American barns range from nine to fifteen metres span, up to four metres high and almost any length. Standard roof pitch is 10 degrees with the option of a 26 degree pitch centre section.


American Barns

Classic American barns have a two stage stepped roof.

Dural Sheds and Garages have a range of barns in a host of sizes to suit all sorts of uses such as a workshop, gallery, stable, office, storeroom or week-ender.

American Barn 2

The barn above shows some of the standard optional extras including large roller doors, personell doors, sliding aluminium framed windows and COLORBOND® roof and wall clading.

Traditional Aussie Barn

The photo above shows the versatility and superior design of Ranbuild Aussie barns. The unique connection system allows open and enclosed side extensions, or a combination of both.


Aussie Barns

Traditional Aussie barns have a two stage roof that continues over the annex or awning.

You can order your barn with the standard 10 degree or the heritage 26 degree roof pitch.

Annex and awning roofs are all 10 degree pitch.

Ausie Barn 2

Traditional corrugated iron roof and walls turned this standard barn into a colonial style heritage centre. The added ventilators provide a steady air-flow through the building all year round.

American Barn 1

The above barn covers a lot of area. The centre section, both annexes and the two awnings all have 10 degrees roof pitch making an unobtrusive, low profile building.



If you need a building bigger, wider or higher than a barn, then look at our Lodge range .

Ranbuild Lodges have flush finished internal walls with no protruding columns or rafters so they can be easily and economically lined.



Lodges are an ideal building for converting into a weekender, holiday house or permanent residence. Add insulation, internal lining, access doors and windows to make it liveable.


Ranbuild Lodges have an almost countless list of uses. With or without a mezzanine floor, they have been used as stables, gyms, club rooms, bunk houses, retaurants, and a museum.

Lodge centre sections have walls up to 5.3m high to allow for mezzanine floors with full head clearence at both upper and lower levels.

You can order your Lodge with the standard 10 degree or the heritage 26 degree centre roof pitch. Annex and awning roofs are all 10 degree pitch.


The internal finish of a Lodge is only limited to your imagination. DIY (Do It Yourseft) builders can have their Lodge erected by our team then fit it out at themselves at their own pace.


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